A Year of Sundays

A walk, every Sunday for a year…

What is this?

I didn’t take as many photographs in 2010 as I wanted to, and so I decided that every Sunday in 2011, I’d take at least 1 picture, and whenever humanly possible, I would go for a walk around San Francisco (or where ever I was at the time) to explore.

I picked up a copy of City Walks: San Francisco to facilitate the exploration, and I’m using the Sony GPS that Turk and Carla got for me last Christmas to GeoTag my photographs.  That means you’ll see a little “map pin” in the upper right corner of every picture that will like to a Googlemap telling you approximately where it was taken.  I plan on choosing 5 pictures from the haul each week (assuming I manage to TAKE 5 pictures each week) and posting there here, and then, at the end of the year I want to compile the best of those into some sort of printed format.

If you’re interested in participating, and sharing your photos here (and putting together your own book, maybe), let me know and I’ll set an account up for you.  The more, the merrier, right??